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Giving you the Services and support that you need along the value chain of  research projects enabling you to continue

focusing on your core tasks

Overarching Process Management

Set-up & optimization of processes

Definition of roles and responsibilities

Implementation of standards & learnings

Conceptual Work 

Set-up of global tracking researches and CX programs 

Creation of One-Page & Short Summaries

Depending on your business questions, scattered information, data & insights from various sources will be put into one coherent picture in a format you need to work with

Communication of Research Results

Set-up of an internal intranet page

Writing articles about latest  researches outcomes

Preparation & facilitation of consumer/customer insights workshops 

Project Management

Creation of study documents: questionnaires, guidelines, storyline of reports, analysis

B2B, B2C, Qual, Quant

Facilitation of Customer Journey Mapping Workshops

Organisation and facilitation of internal customer journey mappings in order to understand customer pain points along a specific journey

Knowledge Management 

Set-up of a knowledge management environment, including systems and working ways

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