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I am Sabine and I am a passionate research expert for Market, Marketing and Social Research projects. I am your partner for all topics related to Customer and Consumer Research. 

With over 15 years of experiences on institute and corporate-side, I worked on numerous projects supporting the strategic direction towards consumer and customer orientation of businesses. I am very experienced in building global research programs. My specialty is the deployment of research outcomes. 

Feel free to reach out to me:

I am located at the lake of Zurich in Switzerland. My reach of clients is worldwide. I work mainly online via various interactive platforms (Teams, Zoom, Miro) depending on your needs. 

My Story

As a passionate researcher, my out-of-the-box thinking and going beyond the obvious working ways enables me to create impactful ideas and solutions for your business questions related to your consumers and customers. 

For me, it is not only "Customer-First" but also "People-First" along the whole value chain of research projects. It is crucial to create strategies how to deploy the results right at the beginning of a project to make sure that there are being used for fact-based decision making. I am a lover of creating and facilitating insights workshops which is a powerful platform to discuss and define cross-functionally the strategic direction towards customer and consumer centricity. 

Having good ideas or functional expertise is often just one side of the story, while process and operational excellence is often the underestimated accelerator for successful outcomes in research projects and driving customer and consumer orientation. Research projects often involve many different stakeholders, project sponsors and external partners. I use various project & process management methods and apply concepts reflecting intercultural communication and working needs. My goal is to create an excellent experience along the value chain of research projects for you. 

Life-long learning is in my DNA. I constantly apply new learnings to my experiences and make use of them when needed and depending on your needs. My currents interests are about: positive psychology, resilience and agility. 

Some of my success stories: 

  • Transforming a customer satisfaction research into a loyalty measurement program impacting the CX strategy

  • Creation of a usage and behavioral consumer research study and building of world-wide cross-functional insights workshops impacting the mid-term strategy planning

  • Concept creation and facilitation of the first customer-centric journey mapping workshop for a business. After 2 hours, the first customer centric process improvements were generated.

  • Significant reduction of customer complaints during customer research through the implementation of efficient and effective process standards, in particular continuous learning

  • Supporting various strategic ideas of business expansion of product lines or markets with customer and consumer insights - I am very experienced supporting the expansion into Asian markets, in particular China

  • Feeding the product innovation process with customer insights to shape the direction of future product lines


And my private life.. I would describe myself as an optimistic realist and I have a true passion of reading endless amounts of books (2-3 books per week). I charge my batteries in the nature, primarily with hiking or just a walk in the forest or practicing yoga. I am a mother with all my heart, as well I am running my business with the same passion. The interaction with people and insightful conversations being a sparring partner for all kinds of topics and ideas is like my "trademark" in my private and business life. My nature of being open-minded and curious enables me to build a big network over the years that I can connect to and rely on. 

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