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My "People First" approach is the catalyst of boosting 

Consumer & Customer Centricity for your organization




Step up: Insights Teams

Evaluation of the status quo and strategic goal in developing Insights teams. What are the different maturity steps of insights teams within an organization? What skills and behaviors are needed to navigate as the interface and multiplicator of customer and consumer centricity? How can the insights team spirit being strengthened while working often with various stakeholders and externals but not with each other? How can learnings being shared and implemented?


Step up: Insights Generation

Gaining deep understanding how customer and consumer insights can be implemented into fact based decision making. What kind of insights do you as an organization need? Where can you start to build a more customer- and consumer-oriented organization?


Step up: Interdisciplinary Working Ways

Being the interface and working with a multitude of  stakeholders and externals can lead easily to chaos especially by not meeting expectations or deadlines. It is crucial to prevent losing credibility internally which would on the long run impact general decision making towards customer and consumer centricity.

On top, insights teams are often perceived as a cost center on the business-side. On a personal-side it can lead to demotivation and stress. There are 3 best-practises to tackle this topic: implement state-of-the-art project management methods and skills, deploy people according to their strengths and build resilience within the team. 

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